Friday, February 6, 2009

Side - effects of eating of Eggs

Do you know side - effects of eating of eggs


Then come to know :-

  1. With eating of eggs , it will create stone problem in your kidneys .

  2. Eating of eggs is not the natural food of human being . It will create imbalance human shape . Because , some researches tell us that natural food , makes skill natural but eggs will not suitable because , it comes non- veg. category.

  3. Eating of eggs collects extra protein for human body , which is not digested by our intestine which create dangerous diseases for human being .

  4. Have you gone in any hospital . If yes , then you find that 80 % of patients are suffering different new disease due to eating meat , eggs and non - natural food .

  5. According to the advice of world health consultant that eating of eggs can increase the tendency of cancer .

So , dear friends ,

come on vegetarian food , you can take milk , potatoes and Cheese as a substitute of eggs .

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