Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My thoughts on Aim

Aim or object or targets are synonyms. Without aim any body if live, He lives only as animal. Because animals, birds or any creations except human being’s aim is fixed by God. But every human being makes his aim by himself. If you want to fix your aim then you must fix your schedule. Suppose any body fixes his aim to go to another country. So he has to fix his target.
Aim is the life’s pin point. Without aim of life, life is like dead body. Living without aim, is the living of animals. Make your one aim in your life and you life will become Golden. Because you will do work hard and work hard will you shine? Thus you will become gold. Aimful person can develop in his life and aim less person never succeeds.
My aim was to become teacher. And today, I have succeeded in this aim. Now, I want to stable on my aim. Aim will power to you. Aim will lead to all of you. Aim will give you chance to struggle and get it. In life, if you are not thinking on aim, you have nothing .Fixation of aim is not desire. Because your duty is to do your duty and not see result but you can fix your target in advance.
There are several difficulties in the way of achieving your aim. But I am sure, you will 100% succeed in getting your aim.
Fix aim
Fix schedule
Fix rules and regulations in your life

You will see your whole life will change, Try and see result

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