Monday, August 4, 2008

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Guru Gobind Singh Ji is great. He is Tenth Guru of Sikhism. There is large number of qualities in Guru Gobind Singh. With my small brain, I could collect following qualities in Guru Gobind Singh but this is not end of his qualities.

  • He knew that how to fight against cruelty
  • He sacrificed his whole family for Drama.
  • He made powerful his Sikh by distributing Amrit.
  • He faced several problems but he never feared from them
  • He was the founder of Khalsa panth and awake sleeping people
  • His two little sons martyred for khalsa panth.
  • He believe in live and to be live.
    He guided a large number of people for doing good works.
    Guru gobind singh loves his country men heartly . He is lover of his country . He teaches the lesson of patriotism to his country men . He told that we should fight against mugal cruelty . He believes in truth and one akal purak . He recited gurbani daily . He is good poet and wrote great poem ‘ Da ha shiva var moha ………….’
  • He is form determined . He does all his work with full of planning . He never hesitated in critical situation . When I read his literature , I learnt lot of matter about him . With his life ,I learnt to become brave and fearless person .

  •  There is magic in his wording ‘Swa lakh se Ek …..’ With these words and when I remember these words I got a new power . With this power , I can do every thing . There is no man in world who is equal to him because he has endless qualities . Because he is superman .
    Guru gobind singh wanted to save his country men from bad habits and cowardness.

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