Sunday, August 10, 2008

Maditation and its effect

Meditation means remembering the name of God . One question arise before us . Why we should meditate or remember the name of God .The answer of this question is that God is very Kind and he keep save from every difficulties and problem . So we should meditate . It is also real yoga . It is also called Dyana in Sanskrit . The effect is on our brain and our mind . One we concentrate on one point that is called Om . Then we will succeeded from other depression . I , Vinod kumar try to remember my God who give me some breathes , who gives me food for eat . I always try to remember him . Without him , I am fully helpless because he is my real father , mother , sister , brother and good friend . I can tell my problems in stage of meditation . Every time that god helps me , saving me from every difficulty . I also suggest you to try to remember your God .

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