Monday, June 9, 2008

free education

Dear ,
Today I am writing my thought on free education . I am supporter of free education but how can we education whole world with pay any money. Yes , this is possible because Internet is available . With Internet we can give this social service with million of people who are not get high education because they are poor , what is the benefit of Internet if we are not giving education without any money .What is the benefit of our knowledge , if our research is not sufficient for giving free education . If we think that education is business then I will say you business man but not educationist and you are not also a wise man .I hate you because I love free education and I want that all world like USA ,Canada , France , Australia and UK must start their effort to provide free education to whole world with Internet facility. I have start this blog for expressing my hearts thought and share with you if you are interested in my thought then please comment on my blog , I will give you response . Thanks

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