Saturday, May 31, 2008


Morality is main part of any good person .If you are moral then you can not write any wrong line against any person who is good . A person can be moral both physically and mentally. But spiritually morality is all of above . It means that if a person thinks always about the benefits of other . He can not see pity person and he donate education and do some service for the benefits of needy person .In my sense this person is real spiritual moral person . I love that person . Do havan and yug is moral work because with this our rishi and muni helps to reduce pollution from whole earth. There are other benefits of holy fire . Swami dyanand sarswati said that this is very good and morel work . this is real moral work because with this we help whole world for the benefits of world .Swami dyanand's spiritual book name is satyrath parkash . He is great pandit who knows 4 vades .I think , he is moral person in real sense in real sense.

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