Thursday, March 27, 2008


Dear Friends ,
These days life is very busy in the material works , so people have no time for caring of their health .So today I am giving my some thoughts on this point .Health is wealth , But I say health is nothing if you have no healthy thought . If you want to fit in you life then thought positive. Positive thinking is power with this you can defeat every disease . I am not strick on health rules but ,I want to say one important point that strickness is not necessary but necessary is only your thinking like calmness person who thinks very patiently not about himself but think all body . Why he gain himself . When you will tired after so much gaining meterial money you will think about god ,you will think about humanity but then time will be passed so one time when passed it never come , so today rise from deep sleep and pray to god that he makes us powerful and fit our body and mind . so that we can laugh ,play and enjoy the life for our family ,for our friends , for our whole society .
Fitness is not a gift which will somebody give you without any cost. So try to hard work for becoming fit in life . Because once you will sit on bed never me or any body will help you .So be knight and fight all his weakness

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