Monday, January 21, 2013

Spiritual Education

Spiritual education is a search for knowing yourself. Who are you? From where are you come? Where will you go? What is wrong? What is sin?  How to find God? These are main questions whose answers are found in the spiritual education.

Q:- 1.  Who are You?

Ans. Some say, "We are body." You can tell you name. Your profession or your status. All these identities are wrong in the spiritual education. In spiritual education, we are all the souls. We are all the part of God. It is true, we are in human body. But it is just for sometime. It is not our own home. We are not owner of this body. This body is just medium to reach the God. Just close your eyes and you will that Your body is different than your soul. Your identity is your soul not your body. Everytime, you should remember this. This soul can not be seen with eyes. You can just feel it.

Q:- 2. From Where are You Come?

Ans. In spiritual education, we learn that we came from God's home. There are two reason of coming. One we have done very Good work in our past birth. So, God has given us reward in new human body. Second, we have paid all the dues of our evil works in past births in  different organs. Now, we have come again in human body for doing good work.

Q: - 3. Where will You Go?

Ans. After our death, our good and bad works will be counted in the advance accounting system of God. If the balance of God and Bad work will be same, we will absorb in the God. So, we need not to rebirth again. If sins are more or less, then we have to pay or have to get reward in different bodies. Our souls will be same but bodies will be different.

Q:- 4. What is Sin?

Ans. Every wrong work which is done by us is sin. If you will kill any animal. It is sin. If you eat meat, it is sin. If you will not give money after getting labour from anybody, it is sin. If you will lie, it is sin.

Q:- 5. How to Find God?

Ans. We can find God by calling with our own heart. God listen's our heart feeling. He will come and talk with us. He is not far from us. We can feel God in this nature because nature has been made by God.

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