Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why should We Pray to God

We should pray of God because

1. He has made everything for us.
2. He cares our feeling.
3. By praying, we can thank for his works.
4. By praying, we can receive new power from God.

5. By praying, we connect our heart connections directly with God.
6. We should pray to God because with this we can feel happy.
7. We should pray to God because by doing this, we can remember God.
8. We should pray to God because it is the only way to appeal to God.
9. If all ways of hopes are destroyed then with pray, you can open new doors of hope.
10. It is the easy method to do friendship with God.
11. Easiest way to pass your time fastly.
12. Pray of God is to start the day with super power.
13. This first thing, in which we need not to do any formality.
14. If you want to do revolution in your life, you can start it by praying of God.
15. By doing this action, we can know God.

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