Thursday, June 25, 2009

OM - chant Mantra

Om which can speak in English A-U-M .This the chant of this universe . Om becomes with three sounds . A is the power to produce whole world . U is the power to feed whole world . M is controlling power by making the provision of death by different means . So , This mantra is deepest meaning and will get its knowledge if you are chanting it . Om is more powerful if you are chanting it with music . Whole world is working under sound and light . Om's sound is the sound of silence .

There are following benefits of Om chant mantra

  1. It is very useful chant for mind relaxation .
  2. It is very useful chant for feeling soul and God .
  3. It is very useful chant for getting poorna moksha .
  4. It is top meditation .
  5. You can realise peace in this chanting .

    Also listen in music video

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