Thursday, May 7, 2009

Message of Upanishads

Adi Shankara Bhagavadpada, expounder
of Advaita Vedanta and commentator (bhashya)
on the Upanishads

In Upanishads , voice of God explains in very easy way . Upanishads provide the message of Veda . It establishes relationship between Jiva-atma with God (parmatma ) . There is no anti - religion voice in Upanishads . In this reference Dr. Sudhir Kumar said that it is total spiritual thoughts for explaining Veda in different stories . There is not different message but it is message of Four Veda more deeply.
Maharishi Dyanandsarswati explains that Upanishads tells that God , soul and nature are totally different and immortal.

1st message of Upanishads

Existence of God

In Upanishads , the name of God is Om , he is immortal , indestructible , unborn , unphysical and universal . He exist before our birth and he will exist after our death.

Kandhon Upanishad

Kandhon Upanishad explains that God om is free from rupa, rasa , gandha and Saprsha . He is power of powers .

mundaka Upanishad

God has main quality that he has not any hand , foot , eyes , ears but he absorbs in every thing in this world .

Shandoyo Upanishad

If you speak Om , you will get happiness and comforts of life .

Shevatavatro Upanishad

In this Upanishad , God is free from Satva , Rajo and Tamo Gun of physical body .
2st message of Upanishads

Existence of Nature

nature is made by god and it has true existence in this world for effect circulation of life . Its definition is unsayable but it is base of creation of life and cause of world .

3rd message of Upanishads

Difference among God , soul and nature
These all parts are immortal but different from each other . Understanding of these is so difficult like to understand light and darkness .
Soul and God are like two friends birds one tree and one eats the fruits of nature and others see not to eating that fruit . So , all three has their own existence in this world .
God is Watcher
Nature is Maya ( food for consumption )
Soul is consumer

4th message


Upanishads message to all the persons of this world and says
  1. " Be stone , Be Kulhara and shine like diamond ."
  2. " consume the product of this world but never trap in the Maya of nature ."
  3. " when wealth is lost nothing is lost , when health is lost something is lost but if character is lost then everything is lost ."
  4. " Do you duty and leave the results and never tears from your eyes . Never waste your time ."

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