Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to treat Psychological diseases

Today , everybody are suffering from tension . So , for treating psychological diseases like tension or depression , it is necessary to know , what is tension and what are main reasons of tension and how to remove the cause of tension . Today , I try to solve this problem step by step .
Tension is psychological diseases and anybody can suffer from this disease . It happens when any event of life happen and negative thoughts raise in the mind of person . Today , every body is suffering these negative thoughts , nobody saves from this disease . When a person faces tension , at this time , he feel headache problem, he is not interested in any work , he feels suffocation . He feels also low and high blood pressure . It is right of everybody to live healthy life . Tension attacks on very important organs of our body . After capturing in tensions , all important organs do not work in their normal position and human body also captures in physical diseases also , after doing tension .
We can count these disease on finger like heart attack, not digesting of food , not working of kidney's . There is no treatment of tension in the hand of Doctors , but after analysis of different causes , we can end tension by removing of the causes of tension .

Ist reason of Tension

Negative thinking :- Negative thinking is main reason of tension . If anybody thinks negative . Negative thinking bans on human development and after continue negative thinking human body feels weaknesses. Negative thinking shows human being darkness of life . We can remove tension , if we leave negative thinking . If you serious study on world diseases , then you will find that 90% of patients are suffering from negative thinking of life . When a child goes to School , he picks his bag and take the tension of heavy weight of books . When examination nears , he takes tension how to pass in examination , when he grows , he feels the tension of jobs or employment . How to live without job or employment and he thinks negative . That human being thinks more and more and thinks about his marriage . If he gets married then , he thinks about his children , how to feed my children . How to settle my children . How to collect different resource . That human being thinks negative and thinks that I am not thief , how can settle my children . But under this negative thinking , he starts dishonesty in his work and for earning more and becomes the patient of high tension in his life . If he first starts dishonesty , he does many times and then starts his day of this tension . So, try to remove tension by positive thinking . Because God has given solution of every problem before birth of any problem . It is our duty to search our solution . It is your first step , you search on Google and write how to treat psychological disease and you are getting solution here . I am thankful to you that you are lucky that you find Google search engine which are helpful for removing tension by providing large number of solution resource and create positive thinking in you .

You can also think about God , God is operating this world and if God feels tension what happens . Please think . We have very small amount of brain and thinking . We should increase our thinking level . God has unlimited brain and he knows our past , present and future and leave your all tension on God and feel happy .

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