Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Be good do good be one

Be good

Be good means try to become good human being . It is most difficult work of the world . But our aim must be to become good only good . And after this we can think better for our society . Be good is mission for every person who love to all his society . After becoming good , we can set our ideas and tell good opinions for the public.
Do good
Do good means try to do right and correct but also welfare of society . Suppose , if you want to green every where , then you can do something good work , what is this to plant the trees .

Be one

In this world , we all brother and sisters and God is our real father . We are the part of our God and he gives us same power to think better and do better , so it is our responsibility to try to become unite and create unity in society . After all we will absorb in one God means after our death we will go to God . So from today try to become one only one not two .

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