Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Om and its spiritual benefits

Om is great word in this world. In Veda, it is the name of God. But in general it is the only word, which is accepted by every religion in this world. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian know what is Om, yes; it is the true name of God. God who is the supreme power and always in tension for the welfare of human being. He thinks always about human being how he can make them satisfied. But human being has no time to say thanks my dear god. With Om we can treat every disease. Millions of Disease can be treated with the help of Powerful word om.
When we speak Om, we feel that a wonderful power is coming in our body. After continue speaking of Om, you forget your all tension. The name of Om is very sweet to speak. Every person can speak and pray of God with this name. Om is source of money, wealth, our all wants and our satisfaction. Om is solution of our all problems.
Now question is arise how we can get solution with the name of Om
Answer is Simple when, you speak Om, Om and Om, your mental level will increase because all knowledge is in the hand of God. When we speak Om, it means we are calling God and saying that we need your knowledge for solving any type of problem. So by speaking, we present our self that we are deserved for his knowledge in real sense.
In Veda, every word starts with this holy word Om. Why? Because, Veda are the voice of God and it is light that Om is only word which is suitable to speak both in sorrow and happiness. In our different work, we busy to do, at this time we forget to speak, the name of God. So it is bad, we should always speak this holy name. Our all old saint get knowledge from this word. This word is starting the career in the field of spirituality. This word is the pin point of every success. Because success is gotten from knowledge and Om is knowledge giver. Your all tension, your all despire , your all depression can go into vanish just speaking of Om .

There are following benefits of Om

  1. With speaking of Om, your tongue become sweet .
  2. With speaking of Om, you will get humbleness.
  3. With speaking of Om you will get the feeling of generosity.
  4. With Speaking of Om, your all dreams will completed at their proper time .
  5. With speaking of Om , you will become more active with spiritual power of Om
  6. With speaking of Om, you will be more positive because the name of Om is source of light in the dark room.
  7. With speaking of Om, you will become braver because Om gives you such power that you can face every problem with bravery.
  8. With speaking of Om, our all fear will end and close because, we understand that Om is our safe guarder why we fear from any other person.
  9. With speaking of Om, Our memory will increase.
  10. With speaking of Om, a good relationship will create with God which will be very helpful for our spiritual track.

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  1. कमाल है विनोद जी , मै भी इस पर पोस्ट लिखने की सोच रहा था , यह संयोग है कि हिन्दू धर्म से निकली शाखायें जिनमें सिख, जैन , बौद्ध, मे भी ओम् शब्द आम है । जल्द ही इस पर पोस्ट के साथ मिलूगाँ ।