Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Benevolence is very good work which is done by human being. Its other name is generosity. Wikipedia defines benevolence as the expression of kindness. But I think that benevolence word has heavy meaning than benevolence. A man who does this work is called philanthropic. Benevolence is not just good work but it is duty of a person that he should do this work. A philanthropic can do everything for the welfare of others. He did not demand anything from people. Benevolence of world can only done by the great person of world .Every philanthropic is remembered in this world. We can not be remember by our wealth and money. But our generosity makes us great.

All our scientists , Sant , Spiritual person comes in this earth for benevolence of other .
In benevolence , we can include the work of helping the patients , giving food to hungeries , giving food to birds and animals and services our parents .

So do benevolence without any motive.

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