Friday, July 11, 2008

My thoughts on superstition

According my thought superstition is just trust in supernatural powers . In other words it is just faith in any extraordinary power without any scientific proof . This faith links with human luck and bad luck . I do not believe in superstition .

Why are you believing in this ?

There is no effect of any cat , cow or dog beggar if we see them in road

or they cross our front . There are lots of superstitions in the minds of Indian and other countries also .

I you have faith in God and believe in his power , this can not be said superstition . Because power and act or God can be realised or felt . In early age , when I went to school , my mother used to give me some sweets , because she believed that this is good for my journey . But , Up to this day , I could not understand reality of this . These are just superstition . Every person faces several happings and events when he links it with luck or bad luck , then he amasses on that type of happening . Moreover , he advises other to do or not to do that type of work in same situation .

So please do not believe in superstition . Faith in God because God is great and most powerful person in whole world . Become devotee of God not for any other supernatural power like Ghost and demons .

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