Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am spiritual person .I believe in God .I think that is most powerful but he is most kind person not just person but he is our father , mother , friend , brother and each and every thing . I can easily feel him because there are so many think which can only make by God like stars , sun , moon , earth , natural smell in flowers.
He is single owner of millions of world . This world is his just small creation . But he has million creation like this . God always listens the suffering of all peoples . When a person calls him with his heart , God likes his calling and help with many way. He keeps us safe from every misshapening . God gives all things which are necessary for us . We often forget him but God , never forget us. God always carries his system like operation of sun , production of food , water and air for the welfare of human being . God wants that my son and daughter all human being become strong like me . He gives full support , if you feel that I am alone , this is your weak thinking because , God is always with you .

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