Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My thought on career selection

Making of career is very difficult work. Choosing of career is like choosing of wife . Because there are some points as our like or dislike . Our merits or demerits related to specific career also affects our selection to our career. Law , accounting , engineering , medical , management , administration are so popular profession . Millions of people gets job in these fields and earn lot of money. But these days , due to changing in technology and science , there are so many new career in which we can search our position. Computer software , hardware and networking is one of them.
Moreover , today each and every want to connect with computer . If you are perfect in computer , you can not face unemployment in long time . But your hand in computer must be very fast and advance . Whole learning of computer is based on practical . Practice is back bone of computer science . There is limited scope of theory in the field of computer .
All developed countries have connect with Internet and deals all matter like buying , selling and learning .
So , If you are interested then start your career in this field otherwise analyse your interest then select your career . Your hobby , your interest , your aptitude are really main points for selecting suitable career for you . If you can make good and fantastic painting , then grow in this field . If your interest is in learning of music then make your career in the field of music . Do not run for collecting money .Do not become greedy like dog . Maintain your professional position in the market . Then all person will respect you and your career .
I pray to god
“ May God inspire you to achieve your career .

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