Saturday, May 31, 2008

Inflation must affect UPA’S prospects

I saw the news in the tribune newspaper May 26, 2008 in which P. Chidambaram India’s finance minister said that spiraling prices will not effect on UPA Govt. But according to my thought, Govt. of India is fully responsible for increasing necessary good’s price .These lines are not written with resentment of inflation but the policies of Indian govt. is not good.
What benefit of 9 to 10% growth rate if a poor person does not eat two time breads. Indian Govt.’s all policies are like bubbles. These policies have effect two ways one side there are no govt. job and other side prices of food and pulse and edible oil are increasing day by day.
With my blog, I suggest that Indian govt. should ban on all multinational companies working and then will support our domestic industries. Indian govt. will stop to measure Indian currency in the form of foreign currency. Within one week inflation will stopped if central govt. will stopped to buy all luxuries and zero technology goods from foreign countries.

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